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Although Brinkman Trans Holland was founded in 1993 the company actually exists for 80 years. In 1928 it was the great grandfather of director Michaël Brinkman, who by setting up a regional transport service in Koekange laid the basis for Brinkman Trans Holland. Soon after the company was set up, the regional transport services were extended with transport of cattle, dairy- and other products.  
On 15th of January 1906 the last licence to drive (nr. 2065) was emitted. Henceforth the driver had to obtain a licence to drive and the car had to have a licence plate. This new system of issuing licence plates was set up on a provincial basis. Each licence plate carried the first letter of the province where it was issued. This system was maintained until 1951 when it was replaced by a new nationwide system that persists until this day.  Above truck of the “Vrachtautodienst Koekange-Meppel v.v.” had licence plate number D-7010 and was issued on 9 augustus 1930 on the name of Roelof Brinkman in Koekange.
In 1991 the grandson of the founder and father of Michaël Brinkman decided to lay-off the transportsection of the company and concentrate on the other company activities: recreation & tourism, real-estate and childrens fashion. That blood is thicker than water was proven by the fourth generation of Brinkman. Instead of hiding his nose in the study books, Michaël choose a job as driver at a transport company. After a short period as part-time Logistics teacher at the ROC (Regional Education Centre), he decided to set-up a Union for Private Drivers who looked after the interest of the independent truck drivers. It would be the start of his own company and with the take over, two years later of a Dutch transport company, the largest vegetable transporter in Scandinavia, the foundation of Brinkman Trans Holland was a fact.
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